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Mrs. Baer's Homework Page


Your next assignment is to match up music video beats with video.  Click HERE to read the resource to help you as you take your first steps to editing an "around the school" 2-minute video.  You are instructed to match up beats with video, using a song ALREADY DOWNLOADED on your computer and a varity of video clips already imported into various events in iMovie.  This assignment is worth 25 points and will help you as we progress toward making our music videos to wrap up the second semester!


TV II- Write your Script for your "How To" Demonstration

Using your blog, write your script for your on camera demonstration.  Your demonstration can be anything that you choose, but you are restricted to perform it in the studio, so consider your limitations.  You will want to have at least 10 steps in your demonstration and your script must be written word-for-word. Don't forget to include an introduction and conclusion.  Remember, I gave you the ideas of "how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" or "how to French braid". 

Most creative demonstration will receive a prize!  We will start these tomorrow so make sure your script is ready to go. Good luck! 


TVI End of the Course Reflection Assignment

Directions: Answer the following questions in a wordpress blog entry titled “TV I Reflection”
1.       What are your three main “take-aways” from this course? Briefly describe each.
2.       Throughout this course you were assigned to film remotes. What remote(s) did you film and what were the most difficult aspects of filming these remotes?
3.       If you were to teach another student came to you with a camera and a computer needing to create a film for a class assignment how would you help this student and what would you teach him/her?
4.       List all of the video projects you completed for this course.
5.       What was your favorite video project to create and why?

Yearbook Exam Part B