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Preschool is studying the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  On Monday and Tuesday four girls from the high school band came to preschool with their instruments. They brought a trumpet, clarinet, flute, bassoon and bass clarinet. These are instrument that we see in America. They also brought a didgeridoo, an instrument from Australia. It makes a sound like a "big wahoo."  We compared the band instruments with the sound of the didgeridoo.A big thanks to Lexi, Ali, Harley and Andi for bringing in their instruments.


Jessica from the County Extension Office came again to teach about nutricious foods to eat, She introduced which explains which foods to eat each day. She brought different stuffed animal versions of lots of fruits and vegetables. She encouraged the kids to take a bite of new foods and brought kiwi for them to try. YUM!

OSU Extension Office


Jessica, from the OSU Extension Office visited preschool and kindergarten to talk to the kids about washing their hands and getting all the germs off. She borught a black light machine that she used to show the kids how many germs can be left on their hands if they do not wash their hands completely.



Preschool and Kindergarten went bowling this week to Olympic Lanes. Each child had a chance to bowl a game and then eat a treat of cookies and juice. A BIG THANKS!! to the Women's Van Wert Bowling Association for thier involvment with this fun activity.

Radio Disney


Radio Disney came today for an assembly with Preschoolers and Kindergarteners.  The Kindergarteners had earned this reward for thier hard work exercising.  Mrs. Wisher and Mrs. Hauter received a banner for the school promoting the accomplishment.



In preparation for St., Patrick's Day the Friday class of preschoolers wore green. It sure looked great around here with all the green shirts, pants, skirts, socks, hair ribbons, etc.

Opposite Day


This past Thursday we had a fun day filled with Opposites. The teachers got into the fun by dressing up as opposites:

Mrs. Doctor was a Farmer instead of a teacher

Mrs., Kill had long hair instead of short

Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Foster were Mr. Adams and Mr. Foster for the day

Miss Brenneman had her clothes on backwards.



March is Dr. Seuss month in preschool. Each day is a different dress up day:

Wed., March 5 and Thurs., March 6- Silly Socks Day

Monday, March 10 and Tuesday, March 11- Creative Colors Day

Wed., March 12 and Thurs. March 13- Opposite Day

Friday, March 14 and Monday, March 17- wear green

Tues., March 18 and Wed. March 19- Pajama Day

Monday, March 24 and Tues.,March 25- Solids and Stripes Day

Wed. March 26 and Thurs. March 27- Crazy Hat Day



The ladies from the Van Wert Women's Bowling Association were here this week to teach preschoolers and Kindergarteners how to bowl. They taught the kids how to hold the ball and how to throw it. The kids also took turns setting up the pins and returning the ball.

Wednsday, Feb., 19


Valentine's Parties and Princess/Prince Day is rescheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Mrs. Doctor's Parent Day will also be that day from 10:00-12:30.



Preschool is saying goodbye to Dinosaurs and welcoming in Fairy Tale characters. Our students will be meeting Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Princess and the Pea, the Three Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk this month.

Kindergarten Blizzard Bags


Happy New Year! 

Winter is, without any doubt, here.  We start 2014 with cancellations and delays because of the sub zero temperatures and snow fall accumulation.  You are probably aware that the school districts are afforded 5 calamity days without any need to make them up.  Van Wert City Schools have opted to use Blizzard Bags or on-line assignments to extend the calamity days by three before the school year is extended.  Once we return to school, Kindergarten students will be bringing home one, two or three sets of Blizzard Bag assignments, one for each day that we have missed, as our assignments are not available on-line at this time.  These assignments will have a two week window for completion and can be returned anytime within that timeframe.  There will be a letter of explanation included.  



Santa came to visit the preschoolers at the ECC! It was so nice to see him because we know how busy heis this time of year.